Gluten Free Products

    Available 4-5 PM. on Scheduled Bake Day (Saturday)

    Frozen Breads Available Daily

    Please call ahead for availability (507) 289-7052

    Dear Gluten-Free Customers,

        Thank you for calling ahead with your orders. We will try our very best to fill orders completely. Your prompt pick-up of orders is appreciated. We very much appreciate your business and hope that you continue to enjoy our  gluten-free products. 

       Many Thanks,

       Mark Grimes

​            Freezer Stocked Items Available: 

                   Pizza Crusts (dough) (non-shippable) $8.00 
                   Classic Rice Bread $8,00
                   Cinnamon Swirl $8.00
                   Assorted Quick Breads $8.00
                   Helen's Health Flax Seed $8.00 
                   Cookies (2-Pack) $4.00
                   Assorted Muffins $2.00
                   Brownies  $3.00

   Gluten-Free products sold under license from Silly Yak Bakery.

   Helpful Links: 

The Bread Baker Company
Miracle Mile Center
16 17th Street NW
Rochester MN 55901